Business Information Systems Implementation and Supports

ERP Implementation, Evolution and Business Process Analysis

Successfully implementing or updating any business data system can be one of the most challenging projects an organization can take on. The obvious risk is in under delivering which can result in fragmented, non-actionable data and too many manual, ad hoc processes. The less often considered but equally devastating risk lies in over delivering a system that monopolizes resources (funding, schedule and personnel) and gathers more data than can be effectively leveraged.

By focusing on return on investment and “right-sizing” a system HES ensures that your organization avoids the inefficiencies associated with too little automation as well as the organizational disruption and data overload found with attempting to adopt too much technology. HES drives these projects with a constant eye on objective traceability to real business needs and helps our customers avoid the pitfalls of “sacred cows” and “technology for technology’s sake”. One significant advantage HES brings to the project is being viewed as an objective outsider. This can be one of the most critical aspects of the project’s success as it allows us to challenge existing paradigms and institutional assumptions without the political fallout often associated with internal efforts. In other words, let us be the bad guy.

Let HES take charge of that internal data problem and change it from a weakness into one of your organization’s strengths so that you can focus on your real job.


  • Project Management
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Change Management
  • System Specification
  • System Selection
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Data Integrity
  • Training
  • Business Intelligence

Types of Systems

  • Equipment Tracking (Calibration, Recall, Projects, Bar Codes).
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM, Sales, Proposals)
  • Project Management (Schedule, Job Costing, Timesheets)
  • Purchasing (PR, PO, Shipping, Receiving)
  • Customer / Employee Portals
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting

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